Competition History

The competition started small in 2006 at Ascent Group’s annual holiday party.  Four bridges entered with Principal Lee Winkler’s bridge holding the most load, and taking away the Architectural award as well.  2007 brought revised rules to award structural efficiency and not pure strength.  Project Engineer Chris Krauss shattered all expectations, carrying approximately 137 lbs (that’s 50 lbs. of sand, a 12-pack of Mountain Dew, 2 chairs, a pineapple and more) for the highest load-to-weight ratio.  Project Engineer Logan Miller easily stole the Architectural award for his rendition of the McCaslin bridge at Hwy. 36.  In 2008, the spans were increased, teams were created, and local Architects and Engineers were invited to participate.  A small success, Ascent Group reeled in the structural award using their extensive gingerbread experience, and Terra Verde nailed the Architectural with a beautiful partially covered bridge.  2009 was the year the competition really took off with 10 teams of architects, structural engineers, civil engineers, geotechnical engineers and students bringing some serious talent and finally toppling Ascent.  Results for the Boulder Gingerbread Bridge Competition are posted on the Results page.